Sick of Slipping Through Gears?

Make a transmission repair appointment at our auto repair shop in Ault, CO

A minor transmission issue can turn into a major problem if left unchecked. Visit our transmission shop as soon as you notice an issue with your transmission. Rely on our experienced mechanics to repair or overhaul your transmission. We take full responsibility for our transmission parts. You can breathe easy knowing your transmission is composed of top-of-the-line parts that won't let you down.

Trust the transmission repair specialists at R&B Auto & Diesel Repair to fix your transmission in Ault, CO. We'll repair your transmission and get you back out on the road again in no time.

Is your transmission whining or shaking?

Is your transmission whining or shaking?

R&B Auto & Diesel Repair is a transmission shop in Ault, CO. You should bring your vehicle by our shop if your transmission:

  • Whines, shakes or grinds
  • Refuses to go into gear
  • Slips through gears
  • Smells like it’s burning
  • Leaks

Contact us today with any questions about our transmission repair services.